“Great service as usual.”

-David Bogle

“Always a pleasure. Easy to work with. No in-house shipping but they have a local shipper who is johnny-on-the-spot. Thanks!”

-Daniel Singer

“Excellent customer service. No problems.”

-John Rooney

“Normal pick up with no problems.”

-Victor Zink III

“I deal with a lot of auctioneers across the country and I can say without reservation that Moeckers is one of the best. Honest descriptions, good pictures and excellent customer service. The staff are all excellent. Will always keep an eye out for their next offering!”

-William Grant


-Don Jacobs

“Thanks to allow me to bid on your auction.”

-Simon Colin

“They were great to deal with.”

-Chris Tapanes

“Went smooth from auction online to pickup from location.”

-Michael Salsinger

“Thank you.”

-Maros Ferreira

“A pleasure to do business with!”

-David Tenenbaum

“Great deal, well organized sale.”

-Alexey Kirillov

“Just a great transaction. Brief description of pickup was accurate and honest. Like buying anything used there were minor problems that I needed to fix, but nothing major. I am driving the truck daily without issues. The pickup was prearranged and the lot guy Mike was very helpful in getting it running and off his lot! Thanks a heap Mike! Would not hesitate to buy again!”

-Patrick Davis

“Great experience; first time working with these guys.”

-Toney Small

“Excellent auctioneers, easy to work with and very professional staff.”

-Corey Williams

“They are the most organized honest and best auction house in South FLORIDA, I have tried them all, and you can depend on them to be fair to both buyer and seller. the entire staff is a pleasure and further more they actually inventory every – and i mean everything so you know things are not getting lost. EXTREMEMELY ORGANIZED – SECOND TO NONE”

-Victoria Alvarez Robledo

“All round was a good experience.”

-Raymond Claus

“Eric Rubin is the man! He was very professional. Quick to respond to my email or pickup for my calls. He was able to give me all the documents I needed within the time frame he said he would. All around this was a great experience for me. I will spend my money with this company anytime they have something I want. THANKS ERIC!!”

-Johnny P.L

“By far one of the best auction companies to deal with. They are always available by phone or email to answer questions. This is my 1st time buying with them online. I am use to dealing with them live but they made it a great 1st time. Thank you Eric, Laly and Brian.”

-Michael Holzli


-Derek Lovell

“Thank you, great item “REAL”,  GREAT SHIPPING AND FAST.”

-John Frederic Wallace

“Very friendly and excellent customer service.”

-Carlos Diaz

“the seller was very accommodating and went above and beyond to correct an issue. and resolved it very amicably. good people.”

-Hussain Bootwala

“Excelente todo ok.”

-Roxana Ramirez

“As always Moecker auctions remains one of the best in the biz. Straightforward deals, great team !
Will buy again.”

-Frances Larocque

“This MBP was immaculate and they were completely accurate in their description of it. The reinstallation of the Mac OS was simple and now I have a lightning fast piece of hardware! Great auction!”

-Ramses Amador

“Super easy checkout process and payment processing.”

-Willard Bachli


-Sergio Torres

“Excellent customer service! Thank you! I will be back to bid on more items.”

-Samir Muran


-Mario Rodriguez

“Very helpful from start to finish.”

-Curtis Milton

“They are awesome. They are amazing, very professional and knowledgeable. Polite and friendly. Love this place.”

-Flo Fleurimond

“Helpful in every aspect.”

-Leo Extramil

“Very satisfied.”

-Louis Morales

“Best Auction Company that I have dealt with. Everything runs smooth and the team is always friendly. You can trust that you are going to have a good buying experience with Moecker, I have been buying with them for more then 5 years and will continue to be a buyer here.”

-Heather Sam

“A very reputable auction, I also leave with some good finds. People are very professional.”

-Jimmy Traina

“Great auction and great people to work with.”

-Walter Bostwick

“Hello Laly, First off, thank you! I really appreciate you going out of your way to help me as you always have. Moecker is absolutely lucky to have people like you on their team and just so you know, i appreciate you.”

-CJ Navarro

“Wonderful Company to do business with!”

-Stephen Hannan

“This company goes above and beyond service.”

-Frank Ownings


-Numael Zambrano

“Outstanding! As A Retired USAF Veteran rated and compensated at 100% Service Connected, Total and Permanently Disabled; Additionally, Special Monthly Compensation for greater than 60+% other combined Disability and SSA Disability Compensation, I rely on my wife for transportation over long distances (due to Narcolepsy). She is my Care Taker as I am determined by the VA as “House-Bound” and in need of assistance. in short she couldn’t make the trek to pick up. They shipped w/o any prob.”

-Scott Gaston

“I gave them a 5 star rating only because there was no 10 star rating. I was treated so well I dont have enough adjectives to share for them. Very well done.”

-Bill Coles

“Great to do business with.”

-Jan Stachura

“Thanks again, guys. You set the standard in the industry! I love you all..”

-Francis Finch

“Very easy to work with. Adjusted pickup time to accommodate schedule and wire transfer.”

-Michael Sherman

“Awesome company.”

-Stephen Northrup

“Moecker workers were great. I’ve been to a lot of auctions, and they were the most efficient, well organized, professional auction company I’ve ever seen.”

-Ryan Blank

“Great and friendly service”

-Lazaro Hernandez

“I had a great experience. They were very patient when removing the equipment.”

-Reynaldo Fernandez

“It’s always a pleasure doing business with the jolly folks at Moecker Auctions. I look forward to bidding again soon!”


“First of all Laly is awesome, customer service is top notch. I have bought a number of items from this auction house always transparent and superior. They also allowed me to keep the Range Rover one additional day since transportation arrangements fell through. Thank you”

-Aman Kanna

“Sellers were tremendous to work with they provided personal attention over and above expectations. I hope to find future opportunities to work with them again. Thank you”

-Kirk Nelson

“I love the level of service that the auctioneer provides. Would do business with them time and time again.”

-Mark Parris

“Super friendly very nice good service.”

-Pedrito George

“Laly was very prompt and assisted with all questions.”


“Great guys at Moecker. I always look for their auctions….”

-Joshua Betty

“Excellent auction house!”

-Rob Okolski

“Love how Moecker runs its auctions. Keep up the great work. Will buy again.”

-Demetri Lalla

“You guys are awesome, thanks =).”

-Frank Anthony

“As a first time, I had an excellent experience from beginning to end. I found the entire staff to be attentive and very helpful…”

-Cathleen Lopez

“I just wanted to thank the staff who ran the Universal Healthcare Auction in St. Pete for the professional job they did. I was incredibly impressed by Eric Rubin and his stamina of running the auction for two days. I was exhausted just watching him for 10 minutes and don’t know how he does it without a break for so long. Rose escorted us to retrieve our purchases and was very knowledgable in processes and also was quick in working the auction. And I forget the name of the pretty, blonde pregnant young lady who kept everything running smoothly but she was extraordinary in the organization, answering questions, keeping people satisfied and just being personable in times where there was long waits. It was our first auction and we really had to be ”led” as we had no idea what was going on. Thanks to your staff for making it fun, engaging, and profitable for us.”

-Craig and Kathie Myers

“Excellent work by the entire Moecker team!  Thanks very much”

-Steven Solomon

“Thank you so much for all your prompt help and professionalism.”


“You folks are always so efficient.”

-Fredric M Garvett

“Jason assisted me with moral support. You have a good worker in him.”

-R. Marshall Stevens

“Finally an auction company I can trust!”

-J. Henry

“You have a wonderful staff on hand. I enjoy participating at your auctions.”

-E. Yern

“Very satisfied buyer! Items received all worked well and were serviceable. Very pleased with the outcome. A+++++.”

-James Conner